R & R Fire Truck Repair, Inc.
Spartan Motors, Inc. got its start in 1976 outside of Lansing, Michigan, when a small group
of automotive engineers who lost their jobs due to a bankruptcy decided to draw on their
collective expertise and launch their own company. Their formula was simple: build a
high-quality custom product for a specific consumer, sell it at a fair price and provide
great service. The team designed, built and delivered its first custom fire truck cab and
chassis a few months later – and Spartan Chassis was born.

This unswerving dedication to quality, value, service and innovation has been a hallmark
of Spartan’s growth over the past three decades. In the 1980s, Spartan Chassis leveraged
its considerable engineering expertise in the fire apparatus market and began designing
and building custom chassis for Class A motorhomes. A pioneer of the rear-engine diesel-
pusher market, Spartan Chassis captured – and cemented – its leadership role in the RV
market by introducing enhanced performance features, such as independent front
suspension and Spartan Active Ride. Among experienced RVers, the chassis is a key
factor in the purchase process, and many ask for the Spartan brand by name.

Spartan Motors went public in 1984. The Company is traded under the ticker SPAR on the
Nasdaq Exchange.   

In the 1990s, SMI broadened the depth of its product offerings by acquiring three of its
long-time emergency-vehicle customers: Luverne Fire Apparatus, Quality Manufacturing
and Road Rescue. In 2003, Spartan consolidated Luverne and Quality under the Crimson
Fire brand in order to leverage and strengthen its engineering, design and manufacturing
expertise in the fire apparatus market. With manufacturing operations in three states, the
Emergency Vehicle Team, or EVTeam, designs and manufactures custom ambulances,
fire apparatus and emergency vehicles for cities and municipalities across the United

Building on the strength of it expertise in heavy-duty custom chassis, Spartan Chassis
began assembling and integrating key chassis components for military vehicles in 2005.
Spartan Chassis is now a key supplier to the companies that manufacture vehicles for the
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, program and Iraqi Light Armored Vehicles,
or ILAVs.

Today, Spartan Motors and its four subsidiaries employ 1,400 associates in four locations
in the United States. The Company is dedicated to a stakeholder model of operation that
seeks to establish strategic partnerships with its core stakeholder groups: associates,
OEMs, dealers, suppliers, consumers, shareholders and the communities in which we live
and work.

Utilizing leading-edge technology, Spartan Chassis, Inc. offers thousands of custom options
on three purpose-built chassis to maximize your response to any emergency. Absolute
quality and reliability, along with integrated safety features, are the only items that come
standard on our chassis.
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