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•Founded 20 years ago with a focus on the commercial tool
market, Champion has been engineering custom solutions for
major auto makers, energy companies and industrial firms.

•A few years back, the Company applied its collective learning to
create a unique line of tools for the fire rescue industry with the
goal of saving as many lives as possible (as opposed to focusing
solely on corporate gain).

•The resulting next generation of rescue tools engineered by
Champion includes a broad range of features designed to generate
more power, operate more quickly, and keep both operators and
crash victims safe.

•These features include a much greater cutting and spreading
force (2-3X more then many competitors), wider openings (to
handle the posts on trucks, SUVs and other new cars) and
stronger construction of the tools and blades.

•Over the last few years, these features have been aggressively
protected through 5 major patents that include dozens of claims
(all issued) and another recent group of claims in the form of both
new patents and expansion of the existing works that are already
applied for and due to issue in early 2009 or sooner.
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