Developed by firefighters for firefighters, Fire Cap Plus is an environmentally
friendly wetting agent that extinguishes fires rapidly and eliminates flashback. When
mixed properly with water, Fire Cap reduces the surface tension of water (see
illustration) which then expands the wetted surface area and promotes deeper
penetration into the seat of the fire. Besides putting out the fire, the incidence of
heat, smoke, and vapors is significantly reduced.

As a spill stabilizing agent, Fire Cap Plus is an emulsifier that separates the chemical
make-up of a contaminant and then renders it non-volatile. In the process, the
flammable vapors of a contaminant are reduced or eliminated with no risk to
firefighters or HAZMAT personnel. Fire Cap Plus is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and
non-corrosive and is effective against all classes of fires except electrical.

Water is Not Free
Water carries with it a number of related costs. Procuring, storing, pumping,
transporting, and ultimately disbursing water all require special equipment. By
simply reducing usage, the life of the equipment is extended which can mean
thousands of dollars saved. In municipalities where the water supply is scarce, the
importance of getting the most out of every gallon can’t be overstated.
Plain Water
High surface tension
of water causes a
bridging action over
the pores of the
material thereby
restricting its ability to
spread and penetrate.
Fire Cap Plus Solution
Fire Cap Plus wetting
agent makes water
droplets smaller and
reduces the surface
tension which
expands the surface
area. Fire Cap Plus
also facilitates deeper
penetration into the
seat of the fire.

                          FIRE CAPPLUS: Best Value in Fire Suppression

Fire Cap Plus™ extinguishes fires eight times faster than plain water. The quicker
a fire is extinguished the less fire-fighting equipment required. With less
exposure to fire the chance of an accident is significantly reduced and there is
less demand on equipment. Fire Cap Plus reduces smoke which leads to improved
visibility and dissipates heat  for easier search and rescue.